5 June 2008

Bakey cakeyness

I always tend to blog about things much later after they happened.

So today I am blogging about my newest baking discovery, homemade oreos.

I am blogging just after eating the last one, so I am sure this post will make me want to go home and make some more (I have all the ingredients too).

I love these, they are the best and naughtiest cookies I have ever made. Do not eat these if you are on a diet – unless you are intending to break it – I suppose at least then you will be breaking it properly with a proper bakey cake calorific chocolate sugar hit.

I recommend these with a glass of milk (obviously) or alternatively a really strong cup of coffee.

Talking of sugar, I have recently added a gorgeous necklace to my shop, named Coconut Ice.

Its made with sugary sweet looking pink chalcedony and a little bit of rose quartz. It is hung from sterling silver chain. I may have to actually make some coconut ice now, for photography purposes of course - my American customers on Etsy don't know what coconut ice is you see!