25 February 2009

all new...

I've been firmly back in the studio this week after a brief spell of jewellers block, I hope you like my new pieces! Click on the pictures to see the items in my Etsy shop.

23 February 2009

Sunday baking...

Lately I've been cooking a lot with chocolate - brownies, biscotti, more brownies - I was really craving oatmeal raisin cookies after this blog post on Smitten Kitchen. I tried the recipe from Friends (I'm not sure if it was an official Friends recipe though, lol) a couple of years ago and they were indeed the best oatmeal raisin cookies ever. I don't know why it took me such a long time to make them again, they are perfect cookies.

I used the recipe from A Spoonful of Sugar in the end and it turned out some gorgeous cookies - crumbly, chewy and crispy.

The only thing I'd change about this is the amount of sugar, as they are a bit too sweet, even for me. I think next time I will go down to 200g in total of brown sugar. The mixture was quite dry anyway so I think taking out the sugar will help next time.

The beauty of this recipe is that it makes LOTS of cookies, my batch made about 45 - probably more if I hadn't made the first batch bigger than I should have, the cookies spread out quite a bit when they bake.
I froze half of the mixture. To do this form into dough balls, freeze on a tray and then chuck them in a freezer bag - you can cook them from frozen (I'd double the cooking time for this). I like doing this, nothing cheers up a bad day like fresh cookies made with no effort.

I think next time I am going to experiment with a bit of lemon zest or maybe cranberries and raisins.


20 February 2009

Friday special offer..

Just to let you know I am offering 15% off all items in my Simple Vintage collection on Etsy - today only.

All the prices are adjusted so shop away!

Thank you for looking :)


16 February 2009

Simple Vintage

Normally designers create an idea of a collection before producing the items that go into that collection, but this has come the other way around. I have a lovely stock of simple vintage items in my shop which will now form my Simple Vintage Collection.

Lately I have found myself making more simple designs in order to show off wonderful vintage pieces with minimal extras. I love how classic these pieces look and how easy they are to wear everyday, but also similarly how well they dress up for occasion wear.

The whole collection is exclusive to my Etsy shop. These pieces are all vintage, with intricate but simple details - easily fitting all seasons, occasions and outfits.

One of these pieces is my most popular item - Two Lockets necklace. It is made up of two fantastic teardrop brass lockets and my favourite wavy link brass chain. It fastens with a brass lobster clasp. All components except the wire are vintage!

I hope you enjoy my new collection and I hope to stock it with lots of new pieces in the coming weeks and months!


Nearly Spring..

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the better, with signs of spring in some places. I can never decide if Autumn or Spring is my favourite season, I think I just like the change that it brings. I love Spring blossom and we are looking forward to some gorgeous blossom on our fruit trees this year.

In the spirit of all of this I created this really colourful Treasury today, which certainly helped me feel a bit springier on a Monday morning!


12 February 2009


Another cat picture, because you can't have too many really.
She's settled in very well much to the annoyance of my other cat ;)


10 February 2009

I might be a bit trendy...

Upon scouting around various style fashion blogs today, something which I normally don't do, I found that multi chain / gathered chain necklaces are in fashion right now. Which is something I pre-empted a bit with my Wave Necklace. Which is always nice. I never thought of myself as being trendy, hehe. I don't tend to follow fashion or make jewellery based on what is trendy, I normally gain inspiration from combinations I like and the beads that I like.

So I won't be making anything as showy or massive as these ensembles sported by the Givenchy models their Autmn 2008 show. I think they might be a little much...

Caution, Fashion Victim

4 February 2009


I found another great food blog!

I don't often find great food blogs and my list of favourite food blogs is very small. So I am pleased about Bread and Honey. Wonderful recipes and great photographs. And great name too. My tummy is rumbling at the thought of the chicken and dumplings recipe, probably due to the snowy icy weather, I need comfort food.

photo by Bread and Honey

Check out the blog and get in the kitchen!


3 February 2009

Wrapped with Love

I am pleased to say I have introduced new packaging for all my orders!
All purchases are gift boxed and now wrapped in sheet music and a little Lazy Giraffe sticker.
I haven't quite been able to relinquish using the satin ribbon so some of my orders will go out with gorgeous thick shiny colourful ribbon.

As you might be aware Valentines day is approaching!
To celebrate I am offering 15% off all my Valentines Gifts. See the special section in my Etsy shop for details. All prices are already adjusted so no need to wait for a revised invoice - shop away!
My new packaging will also add a perfect touch to your valentine gift.

I've been able to reclaim my studio so there will be new items in the shop this week, watch out for new listings in my Etsy shop. I have just listed a pair of 'Sweet Dreams' earrings, to match my Sweet Dreams necklace.


1 February 2009

This weekend..

New Packaging Ideas, originally uploaded by lazygiraffe.

Has been a bit hectic over here, we have gained another furry friend in our household, our new cat Jess. She's a beautiful black and white long haired cat, 15months old. Very good natured and purry! We've had a bit of hissing and growling between her and our other cat Tilly, but they are tentatively accepting each other.

All this has meant zero production on the jewellery front. She's having my studio room as her settling in room and so the beads have been safely packed away from her who likes to jump on things and chase chains. Plus furry beaded jewellery is not very nice. Hopefully she'll be settled in soon and my studio will become a cat free zone again.

I have instead been looking at new packaging, i've been meaning to try something new for a while. Currently my packages go out in black gift boxes tied with ribbon. I have lots of gorgeous vintage sheet music paper which works really well as a 'wrap' for the boxes. I am of course colour copying it rather than hacking into the lovely paper!
Its still in progress but I think my packages will be finished with thinner ribbon and maybe a little sticker too.

Look out for new style packaging in your next order!