22 July 2008

buttons and bobs

I have two projects at the moment (well two main ones, I normally have about 10 different items I am working on at any time) - buttons and bobby pins.

I have recently acquired a lot of buttons from someone locally, all very old buttons and all so beautiful. I have 3 boxes, so maybe in the region of about 500 buttons? I am planning to start a little button supply shop on Etsy for these, although I am keeping some of them for my own fun and games. I'm quite excited about finding these because most of them are from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and even a few from the 1890s!

I am sorting through them this week, its quite time consuming as I'm cleaning them up and sorting them into batches, I am hoping to start listing things next week.

The other new project I have is bobby pins, or hair pins. This is something that will also feature some of the vintage buttons I have but I will also be using some lovely flower and rose beads. I have listed one pair so far, a pair of Flamenco red hairpins made with brass pins and a lovely aluminium red rose. I've made a pair for myself and they stand out really well on my black hair, they are perfect for evening wear.


Alexandra said...

you lucky thing. The buttons look wonderful. I cannot wait to have a look at them on your etsy supply shop.