12 January 2009

Much awaited..

I am a busy bee at the moment, there are lots of new designs coming up for the shop, I have listed two that I am very excited about today.

The first is my Paired Lockets necklace. This is a follow on from my Two Lockets necklace which has been my most popular item. I wanted to try something new with these lovely teardrop lockets and matching them with sterling silver has really worked very well. I do like the combination of brass and silver, it feels very classic and elegant. I am hoping for this to be one of my signature pieces, like the Two Lockets necklace, I hope you like it too!

My second are named 'Scotch Bonnet Earrings'- they are as fiery as the name suggests, amongst some of the best beads I've found. I only have 2 of these beads so this design is a one off design, not to be repeated again. These earrings also feature long brass hooks which I have handformed myself, they are hammered for strength and the ends filed down for comfort. The beads are a good, true red, unfortunately my camera picked it up as orange, but they don't have any orange in them in the flesh.
These are show stoppers, perfect for a valentine who doesn't like pink!