24 March 2009

Handm@de Cambridge

If you are in Cambridge on the 4th April please come and see me at the Handm@de Cambridge craft fair! I don't do many craft fairs so this is a rare opportunity to see my work in the flesh. I've been busily making jewellery, and there will be some new pieces which I will be selling at the fair. I'll be posting some sneaky peeks later on in the week!

I am also organising the fair along with the other ladies involved with the Handm@de craft fairs so I am hoping for everything to run smoothly!

There are also 2 other fairs this year, one in Oxford which is being organised by Becci of Moments by Martha and another in Winchester which is being organised by Alice of Raspberry Fairy. So if you can't make it to Cambridge please come and see us another time!

You will find all the details of the fair on our website:



Fabric Nation said...

Looking forward to it! Love the cat pic too. I waste lots of time trying to photo our cats, they were just outside now lying in the sun with their paws touching!