20 September 2009

Adventures with soldering - part one

Ever since I bought a butane torch to make my own headpins I've been thinking about trying out soldering. I really want to bring more metalwork into my designs and make my jewellery components as handmade by me as possible.

It was much easier than I thought, as long as you've got the kit you are ok. I went for solder paste which is very easy to use.

I thought I'd start with brass first, mainly because it was cheaper, and formed a few simple circles - like the connectors I often buy.

They turned out really well and the joint was actually quite neat considering it was my first attempt. The only bit where I went wrong was pickling the sooty residue off the brass, I accidently added steel (my pliers) to the pickle and it bought the copper out in the brass, so it went bright pink!

The pink colour is actually very nice and I've made a simple necklace for myself to wear, its lovely for everyday.

I'll be practicing lots and lots and hope to bring some handformed loops in different shapes to my shop, with and without vintage components.


Amity said...

Oh this is so interesting to me & something I want to do too!

Love the pinky colour it went, what a cool mistake, eh?

Monica said...

Oh what a pretty color it turned! What a perfect soldering job, too!