21 October 2009

Getting organised...

I do like organising myself, I am naturally a neat person (and maybe some people would call me a clean freak...), and this extends to my jewellery stash too!

I bought some new bead boxes last week and spent a happy afternoon filling them up with beads and metals in a neat way. Its a bit sad but its nice to have them all sorted by colour! Hopefully I'll be more productive now that i can find my beads more easily, rather than having to sort through piles of ziplock bags and jam jars full of beads..

The extra geekiness comings from the fact that the boxes have tarnish inhibiting dividers in them, so my brass and silver stays sparkly!



AMIdesigns said...

Just never come and visit my house - you'd be horrified :D Found my cheque book hiding under my bead stash yesterday. I thought it had been stolen

Catherine said...

Could you come and organise my work space for me please??? Mine's a complete mess at the moment!