2 October 2010

handmade bunting

I have been trying lately to actually finish other craft projects rather than buying supplies and letting them linger in my workbox!

I bought some beautiful fat quarters from Callyco in Cambridge recently and I knew I wanted to make some bunting out of them. I looked at a lot of tutorials which involved hemming the bunting and double sided bunting etc etc, but I knew I'd never finish it so I went for a slightly more 'rustic' approach!

I sketched out a triangle flat with a square off top for the trim and cut out all my bunting triangles, 16 in total. I decided to keep the edges raw and not hem, being as they won't be handled a lot. Then I handstitched with contrasting blue thread onto white grosgrain ribbon.

The cutting took about an hour and the sewing an evening in front of the TV - perfect!
I still have lots of fabric left so I think I will make some matching cushions for the bed.

I am currently trying to keep the kitten away from the bunting, she does like bits of ribbon that hang down, cheeky thing!


Abbie said...

I do love a bit of bunting! I've currently got some red polka dot bunting in my kitchen. Yours is lovely!

GUGAW said...

Ah good work on finishing a project - i've got soooo many of those waiting around. i made a start on de-primarking and primark bag at the weekend with some studs and black paint - let's see if i actually finish it though!

TheFastestIndian said...

Nice- it looks really good and I like the idea of no hemming!