18 April 2008

In Progress and Finished!

I don't normally photograph things in progress, its normally something that doesn't really cross my mind but I thought I would for the Passionfruit bracelet I just made.

I love making necklaces and bracelets but they can be a bit time consuming due to having to wire wrap each bead on to silver but the finish is always worth it- as it looks so intricate and the wire wrap is very secure. I started with bright sterling silver and the lovely yellow melon beads and some rounds of natural amethyst.

Then I oxidized the bracelet in liver of sulphur (and no I promise I didn't pour it down the sink making the bathroom smell for the rest of the evening, no no no, ok I did!) and attached an already oxidized chain to fit the clasp.

I am really pleased with how the beads match the lovely amethyst and the lovely assymetric affect it has.

Ta da!