5 May 2008

Catching up..

A long overdue post, I've been neglecting my blog recently.

I've been busy updating my store, posting out orders and ordering some new supplies - I have some really lovely beads and findings coming in the post and I am really looking forward to using them.

I have recently been using bronze more, and I have some gorgeous bronze earrings in my shop made with some lovely beads that I have picked up - including gorgeous vintage lucite (above) and some emerald coloured lucite (below) I picked up in a little bead shop.

Things have also been busy in the garden, with things perking up quite a bit, although this also means the weeds have gone a bit mad too! So far we have blossoming strawberry plants, little pea shoots and our herbs are doing well too. It looks like I might not be a serial plant killer after all!

Strawberries in bloom

Pea shoots!

Hopefully we will be able to eat from our garden quite well this year!


lorenzstudio said...

I'm in love with every piece of jewelry in your shop!

Lazy Giraffe said...

Thank you! :)