12 May 2008

My First Handmade Handbag

Many people know me as being a bit of a handbag fiend, at one point I had about 30 handbags in my wardrobe, in various shapes and sizes. Generally I am an accessory fiend too, so its no wonder I went into jewellery making (I’m not good enough at sewing to make handbags!).

All of the handbags I have ever bought have been mass produced high street bags, so I am very much in love with my first handmade bag as it is mine and no one else has one the same. I even got to pick how big it was and what material it was made from, and even the button on the front!
So I’d like to thank Abi Bansal Design for creating my first handmade handbag. Long may it carry lots of my junk around (and believe me its already full up).

I think I may even be able to attach a bag charm to it, I’ve been making them recently so it would be a nice way to advertise my bag chams and also Abi’s lovely bags.


ChichiBoulie said...

Lucky you to have not only a new bag, but and ABI BANSAL one at that! Enjoy it!

Vintage Vacations said...

ooh lovely :-)