8 October 2008

far away..

I've been admiring this Etsy shop for a while, whimsyandspice, and I don't know why I keep torturing myself by returning to it. Their products look fabulous and I am marvelling at their beautiful photography. I want to fly to the US just so I can have a parcel of their chocolatey brownies and fluffy marshmallows (it would also be an excellent excuse to go on holiday too of course).

I like their website too, a great example of perfect marketing which is something you don't see very often I think. And their products are just a little bit different too but without trying too hard, a black pepper cookie or a hazlenut chocolate whisky cookie sandwich anyone?

I urge you to order if you live in the US and relish in the fact that you can buy something, but just don't tell me about it because I will be jealous. ;)