31 May 2009

Day in the sun

I probably talk about the weather too much on here, or at least refer to it too much, but that is an ingrained British thing really! Anyway, we've had some gorgeous weather this weekend and I was able to indulge myself with a whole day beading out in the garden.

Beading in the garden with Tilly

The garden bench works a lot better than my actual studio desk, it is much bigger and I can really space out - and I can make more of a mess without having to worry about hoovering up tiny chips of metal ;)

I've been working away on new designs and also a very special custom order which I shall be blogging about more when I am finished.

I have a new pair of earrings my Etsy shop, Summer Fruit earrings - lovely juicy red and delicate peach earrings with silver - inspired a little by the Eton Mess pudding I made yesterday.

I have also got another bracelet to add to my Tropics Collection, pictures to be added later in the week when I am finished.

For now I am hoping the good weather lasts until next weekend, we are hoping for a little wander around the Suffolk coast.


Jennifer Rose said...

its definitely a British thing to talk about the weather a lot lol I know people talk about the weather a lot in Canada too (maybe all the British blood :p), but I have found that here it comes up in most conversations, but when its a nice day like yesterday its hard not to talk about (considering last week was pretty grey most days :/)

it was such a nice day yesterday, way too nice to do anything inside :)