5 May 2009

etsy obsessions

I am currently obsessing over these fabulous handmade goodies, and wishing I didn't have quite so many sensible things to buy and more money to spend on extravagant purchases.

Limited Edition Japan inspired caramels by Galipette
Includes black sesame flavour - I can't imagine what they taste like but I am sure they are wonderful. Also so happy to have found a caramel shop that ships to the UK!

Blooming Birch Ring by kyleannemetals
Temptingly these rings come in lots of different finishes, I love the pink on this ring.

Unisex teal felt wallet by banoo
Anything in teal always gets my vote!

Hope you enjoy my picks, hopefully I'll be able to buy some of them soon and then blog again about how great they are ;)

PSST : I have 50% off all my sale items in my Etsy shop this week - buy something from me and I can buy sweeties!



Nicola said...

Lots of gorgeous pieces :)
Thank you for including me in your latest Front Page Making treasury.
Was so pleased I've just done a whole blog post about it and included your gorgeous earrings that I put into my treasury!
Nicola xx