5 August 2009


I love scouring for interesting beads, its half the fun of jewellery making, and lately I have been lucky to find some very rare and very beautiful vintage beads.

I don't claim to be an expert but I do know some people that are! I got these beautiful vintage beads from a relative, I thought them to be made in England but it turns out they are venetian beads and very rare. My lovely etsy friend and lampwork glass aficionado Leeski told me about them.

They are venetian glass with a sparkle of aventurina, which is the gold swirl you can see. Apparently very hard to find and rarely seen, and they are handpainted too!

I have just the one pair in my shop, and those beads are the only ones I have, so they are definitely going to be one of a kind!

I could talk forever about some of the other rare beads I have found lately, but I won't waffle too much, instead I'll leave you with some pictures. Click on the photo to see the listing, which has more information.



Jennifer Rose said...

those blue and white beads are really pretty :)

TheGlassOnion said...

all of them are gorgeous. but I LOVE the blue and white beads. gorgeous.