16 February 2010

Handcrafted for Foodies - Egg & Soldiers

As part of a new series on my blog I will be spotting handcrafted foodie delights and sharing them with you all.

I came across this seller Jennifer Hamilton in Bristol who sells her handmade pottery, I am particularly taken with her uniquely shaped egg cups and even better the boiled egg and soldiers plate!

Egg Cup and Boiled Egg & Soldiers Plate by The Village Pottery

You can even pop in and visit Jennifer in her shop, located in Clifton Village near Bristol.
The Village Pottery


Gufobardo said...

uck for your blog, I love these items, thanks for posts

tinebeest said...

That brings back memories! As a little one, I had a little egg cup in the shape of a chick, and I also had a plastic egg+soldiers plate. Now I want a boiled egg with soldiers for dinner!