6 July 2010

Back from holiday!

I have neglected the blog somewhat, I've been back from my hols for 4 days now!

We had a fantastic time in Somerset with gorgeous weather.

Lots more pictures on my Flickr account which you can find here

I'll be catching up on some blogging this week too, two new recipes and some lovely handmade finds might find their way in!

Hope you are having a lovely summer :)



Rachel Lucie Johns said...

beautiful, Deepa, sounds like you had a great time.
I think a break from the blog is probably what was required, don't you?
back to earth (work) with a bump?

Molly Laurel said...

Somerset is lovely; the South West is probably my favourite place, having been brought up on windy coastlines and beach trips out of season.

I love those little baby... things! Are they alpacas? They're all skinny and silly. :)