2 August 2010

how my garden is growing..

We've been growing our own for a few years now and we are getting the hang of it with things we have grown before. This year our sucesses are purple basil, oregano, the chili plant, rhubarb, courgettes and hopefully the tomatoes - no harvest of those yet.

Super fail has been the beans (just leaves, no buds?), spuds (too dry, very small spuds) and raspberries (just super duper fail, birds aren't even eating the meagre fruits).

Also our plum trees are doing really really well, we'll have lots of them in a couple of weeks (hopefully the wasps won't get there first), and blackberries are looking well for the Autumn. I'll be making more jam again!

We are hoping to grow into autumn too, with some leeks going in this week, and I need to research whether I am too late for autumn squashes.