5 August 2010

vintage pearl custom order

I have been fortunate recently to work on a really lovely customer from fellow artist and crafter Julie from Moaning Minnie (who makes lovely hats and bags!)

She had a string of vintage freshwater pearls (amazing!) from a relative which she wanted to be put into a new piece. They were absolutely gorgeous pearls, it is very very hard to get hold of vintage freshwater pearls - I have never seen them myself - and they were in perfect quality.

She like the asymmetrical earrings I recently put in my shop and also wanted a necklace to be made from the pearls.
The asymmetrical look was perfect for the pearls as each pearl is different, so the different shapes lined up perfectly in mismatched earrings.  I made lots of teardrops from silver and strung them together to make the earrings.

The necklace was made from 4 hoops of sterling silver, each a different size to go with the different shapes of the pearls, and strung on sterling silver chain. I love the way this necklace could be worn every day but also dressed up for the evening.

Julie was generous enough to let me keep the pearls leftover from the project, so I have made some earrings to sell in my shops (I am keeping a pair too!).  Another lovely thing to match pearls with is oxidized silver, so I put them with some teardrops of dotted wire which really brings out their colour and smoothness.

Moonlit Pearl earrings are for sale in my Etsy, Folksy, Dawanda and All Things Original shops (links to the right).

I so enjoyed working with these beautiful beads, I love coming across finds like this!

Thank you Julie :)


Gemma said...

Wow! Lovely way to use the pearls