18 January 2011

new workspace

One of the things I was really looking forward to about our new house was having a whole room dedicated to jewellery making. Previously I was squished in the corner of the guest room with minimal desk space and a great big double bed in the way.

Now I have a lovely double aspect room to myself with two desks - one for shipping and one for making a mess! And a little corner at the back for storing shipping supplies and other bits and bobs (like my ever growing fabric stash).

I'm much more productive already and I can ship my orders out in a more organised way. I have decorated it a little but I am planning on add lots of prints and art from my favourite artists and making some more bunting for the other window (which is out of shot).

I hope you have enjoyed having a peek at my new space, I always love to see others too - what is yours like?


Joy said...

Looks great Deepa. Very organised and nice and light. I think your OH may not see you quite as much. " dests definitely make things easier. I still make a mess though even with 2! Guess I always will. Look forward to the bunting.