25 January 2011

Ring a Week - 1, 2 & 3

I started a new project in the New Year, which I am pleased to say I am keeping up with.
I very much admired the Ring a Day project that lots of people undertook last year but it was a bit much for me, so when Ring a Week came along it was perfect!

I am looking to perfect my ring making skills as they sell well in my shops, and I like making something different. So far I have submitted a little daisy ring, some copper stacks and this week a moonstone bezel set ring.

My bezel setting is very amateur (and I used a premade bezel cup) but I love the look of the ring, I have also been able to practise using thicker silver wire which I have had trouble with before. Watch this space for wider silver rings in different finishes.

I will be blogging weekly my Ring a Week submissions, some of them will pop up in my shops too.


fleurfatale said...

this is a great idea, I admire the RAD group on flicKr too!

do you mind if I should start such a project too, I will link to your blog!

Deepa said...

Hi Fleur!
You can join in the Flickr group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ringaweek/

I think if you catch up with a few rings you'll be ok, that way you have 52 rings by the end of the year.

Laura Cameron said...

Love the rings - can I ask how you solder your copper? I have been struggling all week and haven't worked out what I'm doing wrong!

Deepa said...

hi laura :)
how do you have trouble?

I use silver solder paste - I get on quite well with paste, although you can see it on the copper I think it looks nice.