12 April 2011

Cat Blogging

I take a lot of pictures of my cats. A LOT. More than anything else really, even cake. I haven't shared any on my blog for a while so here are some, enjoy the dosage of cute!

Flossie is very much not a kitten anymore, she is nearly as big as Jess and developing into something of a mouser.

They are loving the sunshine and be able to roll around on the patio and chase each other around the garden. We've had quite a number of 'presents' recently including the tiniest baby bunny. Luckily (although it is hard to catch them) they bring them in alive and we have managed to release them safely.


Sarah said...

They are lovely cats, I dont blame you taking lots of photos! Im the same with Hercules xx

The Secluded Tea Party said...

Aww Deepa... After popping in for a cuppa yesterday and finally meeting the famous feline two, I can safely say that we were MORE than tempted to stick Jess under our coats and run off hehe... SO CUTE! You are a lucky girl! I want one!!! xx

Clare said...

Awwww! How cute!