12 July 2011

back from holiday


I am back from what was a bit of a disastrous holiday in Scotland. Scotland itself was lovely but we both caught a stomach bug, and then made the mistake of soldiering on and going to T in the Park festival too (camping and being ill, oh dear!) even though we were still recovering.

Anyway...... I am back now and so pleased to be home!
We are planning a weekend away SOON to make up for last week. Something with luxury and NO camping.

Thanks to everyone who ordered jewellery whilst I was away, everything will be shipped on Friday. I also finally hit 600 sales on Etsy whilst I was away. Yay!


Rosie said...

awwwe i hope you're feeling better now :(
very jealous that you went to t in the park though!
Rosie xo

Anonymous said...

Eeek, you're a right trooper going to a festival with a stomach bug. Not sure I'd fancy that. I hope you still managed to enjoy it somewhat and that you're feeling better now.

Congrats on reaching 600 sales!