25 July 2011

Weddings, Jewellery and Food Blogging

This post is about something totally lovely. Over the last year or so I have found and met a group of local food bloggers in Cambridge, via the awesomeness that is Twitter. We've been to a Secluded Tea party together, had mulled wine and mince pies, eaten at the best Chinese restaurant in Cambridge (Peking Restaurant) and are planning many more foodie events in the next few months.
One of these lovely people is Nora, or Norathesplorer as she is known by her food blog readers. She was getting married this summer and asked me to make her a pair of Classic Pearl earrings for her special day. I love making bridal jewellery and I especially love making it when I know the bride.

 photography by Lauren McGlynn

She kindly sent me a picture of her on her wedding day, with the earrings on which go so well with her beautiful green dress. She also had a second dress which was a white gown which also went very well with the earrings.

Thank you Nora for making my jewellery part of your day, and for letting me blog a picture of your lovely wedding!


Isn't the Internet a lovely thing?


poorrobin said...

How lovely! It's so nice to see your jewelry being WORN! :)

Nora said...

Aaaw, what a lovely post. Thanks so much for the beautiful earrings - it was great to be able to wear something made by someone I knew too! And I've been wearing them all the time ever since too... :D

aaron john said...

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