31 December 2008

Festive Goings On

I am very much enjoying my long Christmas break this year, it is nice to have a whole week off after Christmas before returning to my day job. I had a great Christmas, ate too much and received some lovely presents - some of which were handmade too!

My other half bought me this great Dr Who mouse from The House of Mouse and a handprinted notebook from Pumpkin Sputnik. The mouse is sitting in my jewellery studio and the notebook will be useful for keeping notes and ideas all in one place, rather than on bits of paper everywhere.

I also treated myself to a pincushion from Lupin's shop, and I was her 1,500th customer to boot, I received some brilliant freebies from her! The doves are also going in my studio and the flowers pinned on bags and coats :) I love the map writing set too, I think I might include some of these in my orders!

Being as we have had some free time we've used it to spend a bit more time outdoors, we visited Knole Park in Kent on Boxing day, which is full of deer roaming about freely, they are quite tame too so you can get really close up!We also visited Jimmys Farm in Suffolk this week, which has a great nature trail which includes rare breed chickens, guinea pigs (randomly!), ferrets and a lovely woodland walk.
We also stopped at their farm shop to pick up some pork, farmed just in the next field. I'll be blogging a gorgeous crispy pork noodle recipe later.

Amongst all of this I have also managed to make and list one new item for the shop, these Angelhair earrings. I adore these beads, they really jumped out at me when I was bead shopping, they are so interesting and in limited supply. I am definitely going to keep a pair for myself too. In my Etsy shop and soon to be in my Folksy shop too.

I am working on new designs for 2009, including a new version of my popular Two Lockets necklace, this time with oxidized silver chain which matches perfectly with brass lockets. I am eagerly awaiting more silver chain in the post so I can make and list this design. I hope you like it.

I am now going to end this mammoth blog post by wishing you a Happy New Year!



Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Sounds like you've had a very lovely Christmas indeed!

Happy new year to you, lovely lady!


Claire said...

happy new year, deepa!
i've sent you an etsy convo - your inkwell earrings seem to have inspired me :o)

Claire said...

you're most wecome, deepa :o)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I enjoyed reading your blog after visiting your etsy shop. Looking forward to that recipe too.