5 December 2008


I've been meaning to blog about my favourite food blogs for a while, I love food blogs - the best ones are always 200 times better than anything you would find in a magazine. I also like the tried and tested factor of it because I like to know recipes work, there is nothing worse than something you make going wrong because of a duff recipe (obviously I am a fantastic cook so its not my fault ;))

I have been following my two favourite blogs for quite a while now and they are always filled with great recipes.

First is Gastronomy Domine, which I also love for the restaurant reviews - alas I haven't been to some of the fantastic places Liz has blogged about but I have drooled at the pictures. I am going to try and track down a pork hock this weekend on her recommendation, I can't wait to try her latest recipe. You should also definitely try the recipe for Char Sui pork, although its not the weather for it now, its really great cooked on the barbecue.

Second is Smitten Kitchen, which is full of what American food really should be about which is great. You should also try some of the cookie recipes, the homemade oreo recipe is the best. One of our household favourites is also the quesadilla with acorn squash recipe (you can use all sorts of different veg, I like courgettes or butternut squash) which is really easy to make. I love the photography too, I can happily flick through the photos and waste a lot of time dreaming of what to make next.