1 March 2010

Monday Moodboard - March!

It's finally March!I like March, mainly because its my birthday and also because of the beautiful crisp sunny weather. Food starts to come into season and lovely daffodils pop up from the ground.

Sweet Honey Earrings by Leela Bijou
Daffodil Fragrance Soap by Soapy Chica
Needle Felted Easter Bunny by Felt Me Up Designs
Garden Bird Embellished T Shirt by La Marquise Desanges


Gufobardo said...

so sweet! is it simple to make a moodboard?

Deepa said...

Yes it is very easy :) You can use the mosaic maker on big huge labs to put your photos together

Ann Mackay said...

Very pretty and springlike!

Anonymous said...

beautiful spring! Can't wait to ditch the boots and heavy coats!!!

Colours and Textures said...

Nice one!

bysweetmom said...

love your mood