10 March 2010

more work in progress...

I seem to have a lot of work in progress projects on the go lately, there will be a time (hopefully soon) when they will be finished and ready to list in my shop.

The one I've had the most fun with lately is making a stacking ring, I've wanted one myself for a while but never got round to buying one from Etsy. Now I'm soldering I thought 'Hey I can make myself one!'

I wanted a substantial ring but something very simple and good to wear everyday. I have chosen slightly thicker wire than a normal stacking ring, this is a nice in between a thin stacking ring and a thicker stand alone ring. You can wear it either way.

This one isn't quite there with the brushed finish yet so I have more wire on the way to make more! I like the brushed finish, I use it a lot in my silver work and it makes the silver sparkle in a different way to a mirror finish.

Keep your eyes peeled for rings in my shop very soon - hopefully in gold fill and silver!