3 March 2010


I like two things a lot. Sweets and beads.

There are two new things in Cambridge - a bead shop and an old fashioned sweet shop.

These two things formed the basis of my Saturday!

First I popped along to the Beaderie in Cambridge, the last bead shop closed here about two years ago and was no where close to the quality of the Beaderie. I had a long chat with the lady who runs it, actually somebody I'd met via Handm@de Craft Fairs last year. She's very much into Etsy and the new wave of interest in the handmade scene, something I was glad to hear. A lot of bead shops I have been to are run by the more 'old school' style crafters who focus more on hobbyists rather than those who are looking for good supplies for the work that they sell.And excitingly, the Beaderie should be stocking vintage beads in the future - yay!

I picked some lovely glass beads and unconciously I ended up picking an assortment of spring time colours. I got some lovely glass flowers, beautiful green shell beads, some pretty pink glass and some beautiful high quality glass pearls. I'll definitely be back!
Next up - the sweet shop.

I'd popped in before but having spent way too much money on pork pies and posh chilis in the Cambridge Cheese Shop the same day I couldn't justify the sweeties. This time I did get something though.

A Wham! bar - anyone remember those? And a bag of rhubarb & custard and a some lemon bon bons. All wrapped up in a little paper bag as an olde fashioned sweet shoppe should.

Now I must be careful to eat the sweets and not the beads. They are both yummy looking.


shayma said...

welcome to food52- stumbled upon your blog through it. you have a v pretty blog - best wishes for it. i know the bead shop youre referring to- (i am a cantabrigian) sad that it shut! shayma