22 March 2011

Sticky Beaks Cafe, Cambridge

Sometimes it can be really hard to get a decent cup of coffee and a slice of cake in Cambridge, most cafes are chains and the cakes rarely made anywhere near Cambridge.

Sticky Beaks opened up recently, on Hobson Street, it is independently run and most importantly the cakes are made there in the cafe, along with the yummy savoury offerings.

Another thing that is lovely about Sticky Beaks is their branding, I love the little birdie and it is even on their cups which is a sweet touch.

The hubby and I popped in for a quick weekday lunch. I had the sausage casserole served with a nice hunk of crusty bread, and him the puy lentil lasagne. Both lovely, the casserole had lots of lovely veg in it and herbs. The lasagne was really rich and comforting.

We also couldn't resist the lovely cakes on offer and shared a slice of  'Giant Lamington' - an Australian cake which is a sponge sandwiched with jam and topped with a thin layer of chocolate and coconut.

They also do a very nice cup of tea, in huge cups, using Tea Pigs tea which I have sung the praises of before.

It is small cafe decorated in duck egg green and pale wood (I am a sucker for duck egg) which makes it nice and bright. The huge range cooker and the artily placed Kitchen Aid behind the counter gives an air of homemade and homeliness.

The prices are very reasonable, the menu changes daily so there will always be something a little different to try. I always like to support local businesses in Cambridge rather than visiting all of the many chains that crowd the centre.


Emily said...

I adore Sticky Beaks and am happy to support them. My *only* suggestion for them is to have more than one sugar bowl/jar for the whole place - it's a bit awkward to have to nick it from someone else's table every time. On the other hand that very act might paradoxically encourage interaction, so... hmm.

Ino said...

I failed to go over the weekend but I should try it soon. My usual cafe is Savinos - do you know if their cakes are made in-house? I always assumed so.

Jo said...

I completely agree about Cambridge's lack of good independent cafe's...looks like I may need to pay Stickbeaks a visit, although I hope they decide to be more generous with their cake slices by the time I get there :)

Deepa said...

Emily - I don't have sugar so I didn't realise that, how strange! They should have a few more bowls.

Ino - I love savinos, their hot chocolate is great but I've never tried their cakes before so I'm not sure.

Catherine said...

Hi Deepa,
Thanks a lot for the blog - it's really good for us to get feedback, especially since we're such a new business. Emily, we took your comment to heart and immediately dashed out and got some more sugar bowls - we did have more at the start but some of our lovely customers decided to take them home them...! Please keep the feedback coming - any changes we can make to make our little place nicer for our customers we'll try to do.