22 June 2010

Elderflower Fritters

Happily I located an elder next to my office the other day, off the road and with lots and lots of flower heads to pick. So I made fritters!

The finished fritters were lovely, not the most attractive I hasten to add, but crispy and doughnut soft in the middle. I sprinkled them with sugar and served with some softly whipped cream. The flowery scent is gorgeous here, not to overpowering and it is so lovely eating basically free food!

I think I need to make my batter a bit lighter next time, for some reason it was very thick.

Head over to Colour It Green's blog for a fabulous recipe and a better picture of finished fritters - she is an elderflower connoisseur!


littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

ooh they look lovely elderflower looks so pretty! I'm hoping to make some cordial at the weekend : )

Anonymous said...

'elderflower connoisseur' !

ha I like it! - yay! for elderflowers!

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

what a fantastic recipe idea! I'm off to that site...

Not many elder's up here where I live now, unlike where I grew up, I miss that gorgeous flower smell in the evening.

...good news, however, I too have located one. This is in the field behind our house. Off to get some!