2 June 2010

a new hobby - knitting

So I've started knitting!

Being a left hander I never really learnt properly but on a recent trip to the Lake District with some arty and crafty friends I decided that I'd ask the lovely moocowhandknits to teach me to knit!

She originally taught me how to knit left handed, being a right hander herself this was quite an achievement, afterwards I practised on some wool and thin needles to get the hang of it. Then I had a lot more help from my mother in law and now I can knit right handed. I can also cast on and off (although I may have forgotten the cast off bit slightly).

I've started a yummy wide purple scarf in wendy mode yarn which has merino in it, so soft! I'm still a bit slow but I reckon I'll have it finished by the time the colder weather comes.

Am starting to develop something of an addiction to yarn and finding myself drooling over it on Etsy and in shops - I think I want to try some really chunky yarn and knit up something big and soft. I have my eye on this lovely hand spun, hand dyed yarn from Colour It Green on Etsy at the moment too:

I think everyone is getting scarves for Christmas this year! ;)


littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Ooh that looks lovely, I really like the colour. Good luck with your knitting!

Anonymous said...

yay! welcome to the world of knitting... it's addictive...:)

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

That is so nice, I am happy that you learned how to. I am thinking of going to class cause I would love to make some scarves for winter. Have fun.

tinebeest said...

Mwahahah! Welcome to the Dark Side, Dibble! :-) Looking good, nice colour and I wish I had touch internet so I could fondle the softness!