29 July 2009

cat progress

I think its been maybe um a couple of weeks since I blogged about cats?

apologies for the fuzzy picture, Mr snapped this one quickly! You can see me making salsa at mega speed in the background!

Anyway, we are making a bit more progress with these two. Jess (black and white one) thinks Tilly (tabby one) is the best thing ever, but Tilly is very much not convinced, or at least is pretending not to.

I am pleasantly suprised, its been about 6months and they are getting on much better than I thought. We've not had any proper fighting yet, in fact both of them have had more scuffles with next doors cat than each other. Which is nice.

I'll stop being a cat lady now and get onto being a serious grown up ;)


GUGAW said...

aww jess is all fluffy and big like my lovely esau cat!

Parsy said...

aww there so pretty!

Jennifer Rose said...

aww they are are both really cute :) and great that they are getting along.

Autonomous Artisans said...

They are gorgeous.

Our 2 don't really like each other as they didn't grow up together. It's taken them over 2 years to get to the stage where they will tolerate each other without fighting, so I'd say you were getting on well for 6 months... ours are boys, so they are harder to mix once they are grown up, but even so it's taken so long.